467 Auto Salon strives to exceed expectations with each vehicle's visit, a passion that comes from the owner.  His involvement with cars and motorcycles started at a young age and developed into an appreciation towards the industry.  

Every vehicle whether it be a daily driver or hobbyist purchase, they all have that specific quality that perked our interest and led to the purchase.  This story between the owner and their vehicle is 467 Auto Salon's goal to restore, maintain and protect.  

Treat it right.


Eco-Friendly Products



KENZO Ceramic Coating 

Product Description:


100% silica content, 0% solvent creating a thick film build


Crosslinks and full cures to hardness of up to 10H (pencil scale)


Water contact angle that surpasses 120º and retaining close to this angle for a long period


First coating to provide a texture similar to soft luxurious silk that rivals bespoke wax


Improved formulation to increase the resistance of water spotting on coated vehicles



QUARTZ Ceramic Coating


Ecocoat quartz is a revolutionary product formulated with our propriety modified silica. It is our hardest coating and yet does not emit any foul chemical odour. An average car paint hardness in the range of 3-4H, ecocoat quartz is a 9H rated coating that is capable of adding additional 4H, increasing the paint resistance against harsh chemicals, scratches, marring and dullness.

The hardness of the coating protects the paint with a much slower degradation during daily use, thus protecting the master results of a perfectionist paint correction.


Product Description:

Full cures to 9H hardness.

Eco-Friendly. Low VOC. Non Flammable. REACH Compliant.

Improved Slick and Chemical Resistance

Hydrophobic properties up to 12 months. Gloss retention up to 2 years.

Full cured ecocoat quartz shrink less than 5% while competitors have shrinkage of more than 50%.

Creates a very deep, glossy almost crystal like finish.